( b )
We are a
collective of ayooo
that Collect cheques & eclectic experiences
We are a collective of ayooo that Collect cheques & eclectic experiences

unchain your expectations, only on solana
unchain your expectations, only on solana


Liquidity pool
community presale tokens*
Individual presale tokens*
Operations (team) — vested*
marketing — vested*
Artists — Paced airdrop*
Collectors — Paced airdrop*
Whirlpool incentives
cex liquidity
bruv machine
( * )
Fear not my bruvs, we’re pacing it, its quiet for the dumpers. linear vesting & allocation streaming, innit?


How to Get Bruv

1. Create Solana wallet

You need a wallet, innit?  Phantom, Solflare, or Backpack will do bruv. Make sure you don’t get binned, yeah? Only download your wallet from the official app store bruv. Chrome or the official websites, be safe bruv.

2. Get some $SOL or $USDC

Now you need a bag, man. Hop on your favorite CEX (Coinbase, Binance, FTX (bruv?), or on-ramp. Buy some SOL and shoot that to your new wallet. Just copy the address, yeh? Past that n hit the send button mate. If you don't have cash ask your mum.

3. Swap for $BRUV

Aye bruv... It's that time. Head over to  Birdeye or Orca to swap for some $BRUV.

Do note that Orca doesn't like you yanks bruv, they gotta geolock on ya. Would be mad if ya'll had some devices to get around that tho, innit?


It's Toshi, Bruv.

Toshi is legit, yeh? Mans played a flute and summoned some paddy fairies to secure the bag for you bruv. His fairies built the website, did the tokenomics, are building the bruv machine, allocated the allocations, and will slowly toss the silver coins from the the fairy fort to the contributors, yeh, safe tings.

Many fairies, maybe you know one, yeh?


tap the b in the middle of the screen, b.